NicView Cameras

For patients with infants in the Special Care Nursery at Hendricks Regional Health, it can be emotionally difficult to leave their babies. Whether it’s a job, children at home or other responsibilities, it is nearly impossible for family to stay at the nursery 24/7.

NicViews are a web based camera system that provides a way for parents, family, and friends given permission by the family, to remotely log in to watch a hospitalized patient under the care of Hendricks Regional Health. As a health system serving patients from around and beyond Hendricks County, the HRH Foundation recognizes the special challenges faced by families from long distances who cannot be at the bedside of an infant or child hospitalized for treatment over extended periods of time.

Whether it is to combat parents’ anxiety to leave their baby, to allow siblings or grandparents to meet their new family member for the first time, NicViews fill the gap when families are separated, and allow families to see their babies around the clock. 100% of your donation will be used to support this great cause. Donate HERE today to support this great cause!