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A gift to the Foundation is really a gift through the Foundation to the people who rely on our vital work when they need us most! No matter the amount, your gift can make a difference. Even a small amount can have a big impact.

Cash gifts are most often in the form of a personal check made payable to Hendricks Regional Health Foundation. It can be directed to a special area or program or is used where needed most.

Your tax-deductible financial gift to the Foundation may be given to a clinical area or department that has special meaning to your family, such as the Cancer Center or Pediatric Unit, for example. Contributions also may be directed to a specific program or capital project.

It could be a family member, friend or even that special caregiver who made a meaningful difference in your life. When appropriate, those honored by your gift receive notification of your thoughtfulness, and you receive an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.

Stocks and bonds, if held for 18 months or longer, may be transferred to the Foundation. The transfer may allow the donor to avoid paying capital gains tax which would otherwise be incurred if the securities were sold.

Many corporations agree to match personal donations with an equal or greater corporate contribution in order to encourage their employees to make charitable gifts. Forms often are available from the employer’s human resources department.

We spend a lifetime building our assets. We dream of purchasing a home, a new car and a family to share it all with. Even more important, we want to protect those assets and especially our loved ones. So we insure our lives and our property and build retirement savings for our future. Many people also have found a way to insure their values. They’ve discovered that is possible to leave a legacy of hope, health and help that extends their values and beliefs beyond their own lives and even the lives of their loved ones.

Gifts from your estate are the result of careful consideration of a donor’s charitable values and overall financial, tax and estate planning objectives. Estate gifts provide a wonderful opportunity to maximize the benefits for both the donor and Hendricks Regional Health Foundation. Those who choose to make some kind of future gift are recognized as members of Hendricks Regional Health Foundation Legacy Builders.

Making an estate gift is not a function of money, but is all about intent… intent to continue a tradition of giving, caring and shared family values. The government is the largest beneficiary of an estate without the benefit of advance planning. There are deferred gifts that work in every circumstance for the benefit of the individual and his or her family.

Benefits of including a charity in your estate plans include:

  • Personal satisfaction, joy and pleasure of supporting Hendricks Regional Health and leaving a legacy that will honor your values and character
  • Income tax savings
  • Estate tax savings
  • Increased life income
  • Tax-sheltered income
  • Supplemental retirement income

Estate gifts include outright current gifts of cash or other assets such as stock, business interests, real estate, personal property or equipment. You can leave a legacy through a bequest in a will, or by naming Hendricks Regional Health Foundation as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy, IRA, or other retirement plan. The professional staff and advisors at Hendricks Regional Health Foundation can assist donors in identifying giving strategies that fulfill their personal, business and long-term charitable goals. We are happy to work with you and your financial and legal advisors without cost or obligation.

Retirement plans are among the most heavily taxed part of an estate to pass along to family members (excluding a spouse). They may be subject to as much as a 70% tax, greatly reducing the amount available for loved ones. Often, other assets are best left for heirs and retirement assets for charity.

Individuals may designate a percentage of one or more retirement plan assets to our Foundation. This designation is revocable and can be changed if desired, and also can include a designation to family members as well. This type of deferred gift is very simple to make, by simply completing a change of beneficiary form with the company holding the plan.

For those with IRA accounts, the government has extended the IRA Rollover Provision which exempts from taxable income any funds transferred (“rolled over”) from an IRA to a charitable organization with the following limitations:

  • donor must be age 70 1/2 or older
  • cap on annual IRA rollovers is $100,000
  • contribution must be a direct gift to charity

Please consult your personal financial advisor for additional information about this special limited-time opportunity that is most attractive for an individual with IRA assets they don’t foresee needing.

Requesting donations instead of gifts at your next family celebration is a wonderful way to honor a loved one’s birthday, anniversary or special accomplishment.

Certain real estate and personal property may be transferred to the Foundation. The current income tax deduction is based upon the item’s fair market value. Grain donations may be made and often reduce taxable income for cash basis farmers.

The Foundation holds annual events to help raise awareness and additional funds. Many corporations, individuals, and organizations support the Foundation by sponsoring these events.

You can make an impact on the health of our community for generations to come, without affecting your current financial situation. A charitable gift to Hendricks Regional Health Foundation through your will or a legal revision to it can reduce your estate taxes. The bequest wording may specify a dollar amount for the gift or a percentage of your estate. Click here for sample language to include in a will.

You may transfer a policy you no longer need for your family, naming Hendricks Regional Health Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of the policy. Transferring ownership may result in an income tax deduction for the donor. Naming the Foundation as a beneficiary can provide relief from estate taxes for your family but does not result in a tax deduction. This is a gift that can be made with no out-of-pocket cost to the donor. A gift of life insurance is a way to make a significant gift at a relatively low cost to the donor.

Cash or certain assets can be transferred to a trust or gift annuity in return for a lifetime income. After the lifetime of the donor, the trust or annuity proceeds are payable to the Foundation.