Fighting Coronavirus Together – How You Can Help

Hendricks Regional Health is grateful for the outpouring of support from the community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is how you can help right now:

  1. Contribute Needed Supplies Including Face Masks
  2. Make a Financial Donation
  3. Donate Blood
  4. Send a Message of Support
  5. Slow the Spread

1. Contribute Needed Supplies Including Face Masks
Hendricks Regional Health is fortunate to be part of a community so willing to support our COVID-19 response efforts. We have received many offers to donate supplies. Currently, aside from fabric masks, we are accepting unopened packages of the following personal protective equipment (PPE):

  • N95 and standard procedure masks
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Gloves
  • Bottles of hand sanitizer
  • PPE suits and gowns
  • Face shields
  • Halyard material

Donation Bins
Those who wish to donate supplies or equipment may drop items off in the green collection bins located directly outside the East Entrance of Hendricks Regional Health Danville Hospital. To ensure safety for all, the drop-off procedure will be absent of person-to-person contact and will be monitored by security 24/7.

Donor Acknowledgement
For your tax purposes and our records, please e-mail the following information to

  • List and quantity of items you have donated
  • Estimated value of your donated goods
  • Your first/last name and contact information (email, phone, address)
  • Please indicate if this is a corporate or individual donation

2. Make a Financial Donation
The COVID-19 Support Fund is designed to provide assistance to Hendricks Regional Health’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as needs are identified. Your donation will be distributed to our areas of greatest demand including associate care support. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Hendricks Regional Health Foundation by clicking here.

3. Donate Blood
COVID-19 precautions are affecting our blood supply. For those who are able, please consider donating. Both the CDC and WHO have deemed it safe to donate. Make an appointment here.

4. Send a Message of Support
A few words can go a long way. Click here to send a supportive message to the caregivers at Hendricks Regional Health who are on the front lines keeping our communities healthy and safe. We will share your message internally as appropriate.

5. Slow the Spread
Practice social distancing and frequent hand washing. These are the most important things you can do to slow the spread of the disease, protect ourselves and care for our most vulnerable.

Please visit for the latest COVID-19 updates from Hendricks Regional Health. Because this is an evolving situation, please follow Hendricks Regional Health on Facebook and Twitter for more information in the days ahead.

Thank you for playing a critical role as we fight this pandemic together.
Keep calm and be healthy.

Thank you all who have donated to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund:

A&A Machine Service Inc.
Acuity Brands Lighting
Cory Aiello
Elizabeth Albright
Rhonda Andrzejewski
Hailey and Evan Arnold
Bags and Boob Babes
Lisa Baize
Shiela Balensiefer
Dennis and Trish Barger
Brent and Lana Barnhisel
Carol and Peter Battistini
Bear Hugs Giving Foundation
Micheal Beaty, DDS
Ruth Blose
BMO Harris Bank
Deanna Boeke
Jennifer Botkin, MD
Monet Bowling, MD
Missy Bremer
Brooke Brewer
Teri Brinkman
Andrea Brown
Sarah and Matt Browning, MBA, MHA, CLSSBB
Lorra Bryant
Andrea Buchanan
Kathy & Bobby Burdine
Eva Burgan, RN
Ryan and Anne Burney
Jodie Burton
Michele Carman
Caroline’s Boutique
Crystal Cassell
Apastra Chattin
Chinese American Community
Chinese Community Church
Brett and Katie Clark
Wanda Clark
Edythe Collier
Lisa Collins
Nichole Comella
Connection Pointe Christian Church
Barry and Rhonda Conrad, LCSW
Donna Cox
Lacy Crafton
Larry Cranfill
Donna and Clifford Crawford, MD
CSO Inc, Tim Jeffers
Allen and Yvonne Culpepper, RN, DNP
Danville Community Rotary Corps
Danville Veterinary Hospital
Sarah Davis
Jennifer DeClercq
Stephanie DeWeese
Jeff and Lori Dillinger
Donald and Kristine Dodson, RN
Nancy Doty
Kathryn Dresbach
Duncan Supply Company
Jacqueline Dykes
Megan East
Eaton Excavating
Mike and Maralee Edmondson
Brian Edwards
Kristin and Derek Edwards
Kathleen Ellis
Kevin and Erin Engels
Megan Everett
Michelle Everts
Todd and Rosie Fakes
Bill and Sarah Fenton
Cinda Ferguson
Chad Ferman
Becky and Jeff Fields
Fifth Third Bank
Shannon Flaherty
Jackie Fleece
Phyllis Florom
Sally Frye
Lynne Fuller
Amber Gath
Gibbons Extreme Insulation
Sheila Gibson
Mary Jo and Terry Gillespie
Wesley Gillespie
Angela Godsil

Susan Groover
Guidon Design
Erin Haas
Sylvilene and Leon Hamilton
Tom and Cindy Hammond
Cindy Hammons
John and Joni Hand
Tami Handy
Kara Harlan
Jaelynn Harrold
Cathy and David Harsha, MD
Ed and Kelly Hassler
Ann Hatcher
Luann Heald
Brian and Kristine Healey
Hendricks County Community Foundation
Sarah Hennessy
Jan Hesler, RN
April Hettwer
Mark and Deanna Hindsley
Lydia Hlebasko
James Hogan
William Horoho
Gene and Susan Hostetter
Andrea and Darrel Huff, MD
Rachel Hughes
Rosanne Hunter
Kristen Isbell
Bridget Jeter
Beth Jones
Marina and Dustin Keers
Elizabeth A. Keith
Sharon Kelly
Vicki Jo Kendall
Terry and Betty Ann Kessinger
Joan Ketcham
Simone Kirts
Stacy and Brendan Kluszynski, MD
Susan Konechnik
Dianne Kuzma
L & N Welding, LLC
Shirley Larsen
Amber LaRue
Terrie Lattz
Rich Lau
Martika Lawson
Connie Lease
Blake and Abby Leeds
Eva Lehr
Gina Leman, RN, FNP-BC
Lisa Leonard
Nancy Lerch
Francesca Levitt
Lisa Lewis
Michelle and Jesse Li, MD
Robert Lilly
Laura Long
Lisa Luttrull
Bob and Sherry Lybarger
Marcia and Dan Lynch
Katie Marlowe
Pamela Martin
Anne Mattingly, MD

Stacy Mayes
Chasity McGann
Laurie McGee
Jeannie McKee
Seegii Mijid
Kathleen Miller
Melusine Mitchell
Teri Mitchum
Woody and Paula Moore
Richard and Gayle Morton
Krista Mosley
Jaime Navarro
Mark and Joyce Newlin
Niagra Bottling
Brooke Nichols
Joe Nicholson
Mary Dean Nipple
Beth Nolin
North Salem State Bank
Carl and Deborah Olejniczek
Jodi Osmun
Rhonda Pahl
Lisa and Ryan Peterson
Mike and Donna Petraits

Plainfield Community School Corporation
Emily Pool
Purdue Chinese Parents Association
Katherine Rae
Martha Rardin
Mike and Lori Redman
Pat and Barry Reed
Kris Reed
Matt and Stacy Rhodes
Alli and Kyle Ritter, MD
Jacklyn Robertson
Maggie Rockwell
Carol Roeder
Rose Promotions
Angela Ross
Sarah Ross
Kim Ruskowsky
Ryder Pepsi-OTG
Dede Scolaro
Sylvia Scott
Breanne Sexson
Christine Shaffer
Sandie Shelton
Kelsey Shephard
Rebecca Shoulders
Kara Silver
Lynn Simpson
Jillian Sinclair
Amy Skinner
Natalie Smith
Tom and Becky Smith
Tracey Snapp
Tonya Somerville
Jayda and Shane Sommers, MS, PT, OCS, CSCS
Teah Sonicksen
Kevin, Kim, Eric and Cole Speer
Karen Spence
Pearl Spinner
Michael Stader
Matt and Sheri Stark
Tyler Starkey
Steel Dynamics, Inc
Lora Steele
Sue Stein
Cheri Stevenson
Brenda Stroud, RN
Rhett and Tamara Stuard
Joyce Studley
Seymour and Patricia Suber
Melissa Sunsdahl
Lauren Surfus
Lois Talley
Sara Taylor
Marilyn Templeton
The Journey Church
Courtney Thompson
Craig Thompson
Zach Thompson
Charlie Tilford
Kathryn Titus
Nicole Toler
Deborah and Katie Toman
Janet Towe
Peggy Vela
Lisa Vielee
Jason Vincent
Heather Volk
Jeff and Kelli Waggoner
Steve and Megen Wagner
John Waite
Melissa Walton
Marsha Warren
Wathen Insurance
Well Done Marketing
Annie West
Deanna Westhead
Matthew and Deanna Whetstone
Rebekah White
Jennifer Whitmore
Jackie Widau, RN
Meghan Wilber
Kris Williams
Paul and Margaret Wilson
Juanita Winberg
Debbie Wise
George and Wilma Wooten
Sid and Deb Zachary
Stephanie Zehner, RN
Melanie Zeiner

*Represents multiple donors who wish to remain anonymous.