Financial Support from donors like you has an enduring impact on the quality of care provided at Hendricks Regional Health.

Generous support from our community of donors has provided the following for our patients and families:


Special challenges are faced by families from long distances who cannot be at the bedside of an infant or child hospitalized for treatment over extended periods of time. Whether it’s a job, children at home, or other responsibilities, it is nearly impossible for family to stay at the nursery 24/7.

NicViews are a web-based camera system that provides a way for parents, family, and friends given permission by the family, to remotely log in to watch a hospitalized patient under the care of Hendricks Regional Health.

NicView cameras, funded entirely through donations to the HRH Foundation, will be installed at the Danville Special Care Nursery in the spring of 2020.

Watch the video below to learn more about the impact of NicView cameras.


The Danville Campus of Hendricks Regional Health offers a playground courtyard, located near the Northwest Entrance and History Wall of the hospital.

The playground celebrates the healing power of play and serves as a respite for visitors and patients of the hospital. The playground was made possible, in part, by donations to the HRH Foundation.


A baby can lose body heat as much as four times faster than adults. To give our tiniest patients the best start they can get the Foundation funded the purchase of five high-tech infant warmers.

These warmers provide a uniform heat and special features that make ongoing care and monitoring easier. One of the special features of these warmers is variable height adjustment that gives easier access to mothers visiting their new babies while in a wheelchair.


Over $22,000 has been awarded to the Childbirth Center and the Pediatric Unit in grant funds over the last nine years.

These grants have funded everything from manikins and training equipment for staff, support group materials, security equipment, car seat purchases for families in need, and PlayStation purchases to keep patients and visitors entertained!